Leave them wanting.

Want to hit snooze. Want it to be a sunny day. Want to eat it all and just let those pounds slip away. Want a better commute. Want a gig that pays what I’m worth. Want whatever she’s having. Want to be trusted to do my goddamn job. Want to leave at 5 without ducking. Want more smiles outside with the ones I love. Want them to stay this age forever. Want put my head on that pillow and sleep.

That all you got?

Want compassion to be a virus. Want a brain that makes knees weak and the heart that knows how to use it. Want the opportunity to prove. Want you, and me, and yes please. Want to be worth all the effort placed on me. Want to overthrow, without fanfare. Want to take back what I said when I was 6 because I was an asshole and I didn’t mean it. Want to, want to be free from wants.

Keep em’ coming.

Want screams of pure joy to be commonplace. Want reality to make fiction fear. Want just five more minutes to say goodbye. Want to know that God is real and this moment matters. Want to see that death is the start of a new beginning. Want to tug at the corners of the universe and be surprised.

Leave them wanting. Not so hard, eh?