As I work on my interactive comic I’ve spent bunches of time thinking about interactive fiction. In this article I explore 18 reasons why interactive narrative often disappoints. Enjoy!


For almost 8 years I’ve been working on a choose your own adventure graphic novel. It has been pretty damn hard. Over the past few months I’ve been posting the latest page inks on my ever so secret Twitter. For those that missed them, I’m regurgitating these here as well. Enjoy!

Good ideas that are abandoned have a history of reappearing. With virtual reality headsets being the next pop technology wave, hacker collectives white knighting in real life, 3D printers, Turing alluding AI, flying drones, and a media that is interchangeable from its corporate interests, clearly more than a few pieces of cyberpunk fiction have bubbled their way into reality. Sure, they have a slightly different coat of paint (less neon, more Mondrian), but the essence remains: I have a slick piece of metal and glass in my pocket that can consult…