My Virtual Reality

People scrunch their noses up when I reveal that I don’t drink. The nose dance is a predictable first step. Step two is asking, often in the same hurried breath “WHY?!”. Step three is watching confusion hit their face like a water balloon after I answer.

You see, obsession for me is a way of life.

I’ve never been the smartest or strongest, but I can run rings out of others in wide-eyed stubbornness. Give me a puzzle to unlock and I will spend six months taking it apart until I can build one even better. This is especially true if it is said to be impossible. And while most are concerned about trimming their mores to culturally acceptable lengths, staying on the fringes is where I feel most comfortable. This entertaining trait is either a recipe for blazing success or unmitigated disaster.

In March virtual reality arrived on my doorstep in the form of an Oculus Dev Kit 1, and within a few hours in I knew that I’d found what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. This is the medium all other mediums have been building towards. The potential here is bigger than anyone can imagine right now, even factoring the enormous hype. It will change everything.

Since then I’ve developed a virtual reality meditation app called Guided Meditation VR, which we’ll be expanding and releasing for the consumer version. We feel restful virtual reality and augmented reality apps are the future of relaxing.

Once I realized that I loved VR I needed to share it. I was kind enough to find people to share that passion with.

Went to the first SVVR conference in May, pitched the crowd, and saw many of my heroes, and even Palmer Luckey (founder of Oculus and creator of the Rift!), experience Guided Meditation…

Was kind enough to have our app featured on amazing sites like Drash’s (We made the Top 5!)The Rift Arcade, VRFocus, Cymatic Bruce’s stream, stv, or Rift Enabled

Took an informal quiz of a second grade class between preferring a live puppy and VR playing Titans of Space. VR won.

Spoke on Kent Bye’s Voices of VR Podcast about the potential for B2B and B2C virtual reality applicationsI feel the VR applications here are endless. Cubicle Ninjas now has a many virtual reality apps in development

Started Chicago VR, a meetup for like-minded VR enthusiasts and developers. We hit 50 members last week!

Met one of the nicest, most passionate, unendingly creative communities I’ve ever seen. There is brilliance every day in the forums of Oculus and on r/oculus.

And I was lucky to get into Oculus Connect. I’m excited to learn about developing in VR from the experts and high-five some of my heroes.

It has been a wonderful ride. 6 months in, feels like 6 days.

When I met Palmer I was amazed by how kind he was with his time. He stopped at each booth and truly listened, sharing his ideas, admitting he might not have all of the answers. It was humbling to see from someone who was on that month’s Popular Mechanic and Wired. When he came to my booth, after he made it through the whole 8 minute meditation (he was the first), I thanked him for creating the Rift. His response shocked me, but seen through the filter above, maybe shouldn’t have.

He, and everyone in VR right now, is similar. We’re all happily obsessed, rigging the foundation of a medium we’ve seen a glimpse into the future of, aiming to make it right. Palmer’s response to “Thank you for building this.” was “Thank you for developing for it.”.