The Arnold on Finding Your Life’s Mission

Mr. Schwarzenegger, I don’t know if you will read this, much less respond to it, but I have been such a huge fan of yours for a very long time. [...]

I am nearing my mid-20s and I work at a very prestigious financial firm. However, I know my heart is not in it and that I am just here wasting my life and time away in hopes of discovering a passion I can pursue and one day make my own business or something and be successful like you. I am scared to leave this job because it has an amazing money potential in income and it is one of the biggest firms in the world, and the prestige is a plus. If I left I know a lot of people I know will probably laugh at me and at my dreams of being significant. Can you give me some quick advice on what you would do? I have dreams of becoming a man who makes a difference in the world like you and I know I won’t do it here, nor do I want to. I just dont know what I want to create or pursue yet and I am scared. Because of my lack of passion at this job, it’s making me depressed.

Arnold Schwarzenegger via Reddit:

A: Stay with the firm until you find your passion. But stay with me here. B: How do you know right now your passion isn’t something that you will need money for? Maybe you will decide you want to start a healthy burger shop. You will need money.

So look at this as a stepping stone instead of an end. We can’t always do what we are passionate about, but everything we do can move us closer to our passion. I was never passionate about construction. But I laid bricks and worked so I could support my passion when I was starting out in bodybuilding.

The most important thing is, you need to find your passion. And once you do, put everything into it. Everything. But until then, it sounds like you are at a good stepping stone. Just remind yourself to think of it that way and don’t let yourself think of it as the end point. You sound like a smart guy. I bet you will do great once you have somewhere to direct this energy.

I think this should be mandatory reading at the workplace. Heck. *poof* It now is at Cubicle Ninjas.